Money Affirmations ★ HD Sound ★ Attract Wealth, Binaural Beats, Subliminal, Money Meditation

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This Video is to help you meditate and attract money and wealth into your life. Intended for use with or without headphones, best time to use is as your going to sleep. Remember the key to success and the law of attraction is to visualise and FEEL what having money in your life will mean. It is the FEELINGS that will attract the situations of money and wealth. Simply as the universe looks to match your reality with your feelings. Features: HD Audio - All our videos are produced in the highest sound and picture quality ensuring you feel the full effects of the binaural beats and affirmations. Theta Waves: These will relax you and move your mind to a point of complete calm. This will enable the affirmations to sink in to your sub concious. Remember to try and say the affirmations out loud as many times as possible for added power. Delta Waves: These will move you from relaxation to deep sleep, again assuring the affirmations can enter and embed in your sub concious. Subliminal Money Affirmations: The subliminal money and wealth affirmations are barely noticeable to the concious mind however, these will be sinking in to the sub concious, over time these will become natural thoughts. Remember it is thoughts that create feelings. Powerful Money Affirmations: These affirmations are clearly heard in the video, expressing emphasis on attracting money and wealth into your life. Ensure you don't just listen but visualise and feel what the affirmations will mean to you. Soothing Piano Music: We have added soothing piano music that decrease in bpm during the video to take you down to a relaxed susceptible state of mind, also to distract from the not to enjoyable sound of the binaural beats, do not worry these doesn't make any difference to the effect the binaural beats have on your mind. HD Images: There are also some images to help you visualise what you want in your life and what money and wealth will change for you. These images are dark as to not light up the room if you are listening at night time. ★Remember to subscribe to our channel★: ★You can also visit our website to show your support★: How To Use Successfully: - Listen to before bed (preferably with headphones in) - Leave on if possible whilst asleep (for affirmations to sink in) - Clearly visualise an image of what being rich will mean to you - Feel how you will feel in this image - Ensure this image is the last thing you’re thinking about before you sleep - Whenever you can re-visit this feeling and image in your head - Say the affirmations out loud as often as possible Credits: "Anguish" Kevin MacLeod ( "Heart of Nowhere" Kevin MacLeod ( "Reawakening" Kevin MacLeod ( "Disquiet" Kevin MacLeod ( "Dreams Become Real" Kevin MacLeod ( "Peace of Mind" Kevin MacLeod ( "Light Awash" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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