Instrumental Music to Relax, Study and Work - Snowy Woods - relaxdaily N°064

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Instrumental Music to Relax, Study and Work - Snowy Woods - relaxdaily N°064 This track (N°064) became part of the album "Essence N°2": Listen to another piece of relaxdaily music with lots of piano and a soundtrack like arrangement. Last week I ordered a new piano-like master keyboard and some new piano sounds, to get closer to my vision how a soothing piano should sound like. I made use of both with creating this one. The video shows some snowy woods, not far away from where I live, captured during a 2h walk through nature with my dad and my bro, just last Sunday. This is my first 24:9 format release (instead of the usual 16:9). What do you think of it? I'm a fan of it - especially when watched in full HD, full screen. Hope you like both, the music and the vid, Michael (relaxdaily) © 2013, relaxdaily visit my YT channel: join me on twitter: join me on Facebook: Relaxdaily's background music instrumentals; slow, peaceful, atmospheric music that can be used as a soundtrack for multiple activities. Depending on your interest you might use my music in your relaxation music playlist, as yoga music or as meditation music (I know, this is not the ordinary music for meditation, but it works for many people). You might also use it as music while you're studying, doing homework, working (mentally, creatively), reading, writing, while thinking or reflecting, dreaming, reviewing, making future plans. Some use it as „sleep music" (though there might be better sleep music out there...). Call it chillout, ambient, New Age, instrumental, or background music -- this is not as much about a genre as it is about a feeling. A way of life. With the relaxdaily project, I try to take a little heat from our (generally) too busy lives. I try to deliver a soundtrack for you, when you feel the need for some positive, calming, liberating tunes.
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