Logitech G25 vs G27 (Gear) Noise Comparison

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COMMENTS ABOUT THE DRIVING AND IF YOU CAN HAVE THE WHEEL WILL BE REMOVED. Edit 2012: For anybody who thinks my steering is rough and hard, check out this vid. This is REAL hard work to keep the car on the road: This is not a full review like everybody makes. This is only a pure noise comparison video for the Logitech G25 and G27. I made this video because I couldn't find a useful (gear) noise comparison video on the whole internet. The G25 has straight gears which makes a lot of noise, while the G27 is very quiet with its helical gears! What a huge difference! The G27 appears to be a lot smoother too. And even the gearbox of the G27 feels way better, more solid and robust, and it's quieter too.
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