Soothing River and Birds Songs ~ Calming Nature Sounds

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Free Relaxing Music Presents: Soothing River and Birds Songs ~ Calming Nature Sounds Show your support by becoming a Free Meditation Music Premium Member and get access to over 50 high quality binaural beat downloads including this one with new releases every month! The video and audio loop were filmed on location on Fish Creek outside of Missoula Montana. The soothing river and calming bird songs make for the perfect relaxation escape. There have been many scientific studies that simply spending time is nature is great for our health and is one the best was to beat depression. When you don't have the opportunity to escape to nature yourself try the next best thing and lose yourself in the calming nature landscape. Listening to nature sounds can be very calming and relaxing but can also help the listener to study and stay focused on a task. Enjoy the relaxing River and Bird songs!
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