1 Hour Nature Relaxing Sounds: Gentle Rainfall in Rainforest with Theta binaural beats

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Check out my other videos here: Can't relax or sleep? Put this baby to the test. Natural sounds of a rainforest with gentle rainfall with Theta binaural beats embedded within. (Use headphones for binaural beats to work) This is sure to send you off into a deep state of deep relaxation. And if you can't sleep, at least it will make you very, very relaxed. The theta beats work their way down from 12 Hz to 7 Hz, where they then work back up again to 15 Hz - bringing you out of the relaxed state so you can go back to work, play etc and not be left feeling groggy. Sounds are royalty free subscribed and paid for from Blastwave FX on Soundsnap: Picture if from Beats are produced with the Neuro-Programmer (Commercial license) More information on how to make your own beats can be found here: This music is never to take the place of professional medical advice or assistance of any kind.
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