Waterfall Series Video #1 -Birds & Waterfalls - Natural Sounds for Meditation Relaxation

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New series! To celebrate, free download of MP3 for 24 hours: Series will eventually have 10+ videos with paid downloads .MP3 perhaps videos if requested. Thanks for all the support! Please like and subscribe. Waterfall Series #1 -Birds & Waterfalls - Natural Sounds for Meditation Relaxation Big thanks to Lolita Perdurabo Short excerpt from Waterfalls 101: Why Do We Care About Waterfalls? HEALTH BENEFITS Now I've had skeptics and gung ho pro-capitalists confront me about what waterfalls are good for. Unfortunately for nature, the benefits (especially health-related) aren't immediately apparent and they often don't outweigh the potential financial windfall that decision-makers often face. A couple of years ago, I've written an article about why my wife and I visit waterfalls from a mental and physical health standpoint, which you can read here. So regarding this aspect of waterfalls, we'll merely summarize the benefits here and not reinvent the wheel. Háifoss in Iceland They are improved mood, relaxation, exercise, good respiration, and optimization of limited time on earth. The improved mood results from the fact that waterfalls tend to have aesthetic qualities to them. When we see something we perceive as beautiful (whether it's seeing someone attractive, some incredible natural feature [like waterfalls!], even an elegant solution to a difficult problem, etc.), we tend to be happier. This is the essence of the point I'm trying to establish here. Scientifically, there are claims that negative ions that are abundant in waterfalls somehow increase serotonin levels, which ultimately helps our mood. *** Please continue reading here:
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