Owl Sensei, Lesson 1, Part 2/2: Katakana Alphabet (カタカナ) Remaining sounds dash/dot/etc.

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Hello! Owl Sensei teaches the sounds of the alphabet where there are dash, dots or smaller Y-line letters next to others, as it changes the sound of the syllable. I am really sorry as I completely forgot about "long sound" and "skip sound"! Long sound is to extend a sound for a little longer, an example would be コーラ koーra (Cola, instead of saying it fast like korah! the co in cola is a little longer in sound). Skip sound means to literally pause and skip then continue the word, an example would be カップ (Cup, ka skip/pause pu, when you say cup you don't blurt out kapu really fast, if you say cup in English you can even hear a tiny skip in the noise like breathing needs to change to get both syllable out, that is a skip sound in Japanese, the small tsu in Katakana ッ or Hiragana っ in a word) Thank you for watching, I am still as anxious as ever with speaking on a recording but I do hope I improve over time. Leave comments or anything you like, I appreciate feedback, have a good night everybody!
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