The Owl Stompbox , an open ARM-based architecture for making sound effects n stuff

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam has everything you need to know. Please excuse misencoding and my crappy playing. Effect playlist below! Effects and settings used in order... I sometimes use more weird than useful settings. JotReverb (Knobs as in picture) (I'm sorry it's so short) DroneBox (Knobs pretty much as in the picture) Bias (Knob 1 & 4 - 12 o'clock, and then gradually pretty much to the max) VibroFlange (Knob 1 quarter to 12, Knob 2 quarter past 12, Knob 3 at zero and Knob 4 at max) VibroFlange (Knob 1 and 3 quarter to 12, Knob 2 and 4 quarter past 12) Ring Modulator ( Knob 1 10 past 12, Knob 2 and 3 10 past 12, Knob 4 20 to 12) WaveShaper (Knob 1 at Noon, K2 and K4 at max, K3 at 10 past 12) Phaser (K1 10 to 12, K2 12, K3 and K4 at max) and some goddamn more of that Weirdo Ambulance and I'm going to kill someone! LPF Delay with and without Phaser ...... and finallyyyyyyyyy BITH8ER, the reason for inventing digital sound processing. To DESTROY data!!!!!!1111!!
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