Barred Owl screeching

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This is a Barred Owl in our backyard in NH. 2 others were nearby - one only 6 feet away. What an amazing call! We had been listening to this eery sound for a few months on our street and had investigated with flashlights, but never could see anything. Then, one night, they were in our backyard. These are fledgling owls calling for their parents to feed them (so the experts say). Shortly there after, they were gone from the neighborhood. Please excuse the bouncy camera. We were being EATEN ALIVE by mosquitos. NH in the summer is BRUTAL. The best view with the camera steady and the flashlight facing the owl starts around 1min. Addendum: Though we have not heard anymore fledglings since 2009, during the summer of 2010, and again in spring of 2013 , we have heard the grown-up "Who cooks for you" call. Someone is still in the immediate area.
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