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purchase on bandcamp: Everywhere we look we are surrounded by the ruins of a world we inherited. A world that feels empty yet is overflowing with “stuff.” As the natural world disappears, authentic life goes with it and we are left to dwell in its ruins. This critique existed before anyone called it the Anthropocene, and the problem will remain long after the academic speeches on it end. The world is on fire in some places, and in other places it has already frozen over. Although RUINS is an instrumental record; it is agit-prop that takes up the age old challenge of what it means to “go beyond art.” The idea with WHITENOISE has always been to provide a mood & space for critical thought. It is not enough for us to merely make a dance tune, it must be a subersive dance tune, otherwise why dance at all? The music on WHITENOISE is mostly played off IPADS, into samplers, through old cassette 8 tracks. The source material ranges from early electronic music, rap classics to hollywood movies. In the tradition of early industrial music’s usage of “cut ups” we take the trash thats laying around and try to make something useful with it. Whether we failed or succeeded doesn’t matter, because no one will be around to judge us but cockroaches and ice. We do hope you enjoy the record.
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