PURE GAMMA WAVES: Meditation (Track: Cosmic Gamma Waves)

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☞ Join us on Facebook: Gamma brain waves are the fastest brainwave frequency with the smallest amplitude. They are associated with the "feeling of blessings" reported by experienced meditators such as monks and nuns, and with peak concentration and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning. Neuroscientists believe that gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain -- the gamma wave originates in the thalamus and moves from the back of the brain to the front and back again 40 times per second -- not only that, but the entire brain is influenced by the gamma wave. This rapid "full sweep" action makes the gamma state one of peak mental and physical performance. Gamma is the brainwave state of being "in the Zone," that feeling that you can do anything. Listen to this track as much or as little as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a settled position. We always recommend using headphones for optimal results, however this is not essential. Please note: ALWAYS consult your GP first before trying to cure any medical problems (including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias or any other cognitive - or physically related illnesses) with an alternative. ~ Peace & Love ~ ☞ Join us on Facebook: ☞ Follow us on Twitter: ☞ Visit our Website: ☞ Send your Meditation Video Requests here: © ‖ ℗ Meditational State
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