He Says He Loves Animals

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Music by Emilio A. C. FOLLOW ME ON on on on This is Sam writing from his desk. I have been sitting in my desk a fair amount today between work and editing this video, though I have also moved around today as well. I know it has been about one month since my last video. Do you think I'm getting better at creating a narrative even though I take these long breaks in between videos? Thanks for watching. My life if pretty great haha :) I love waking up early in the morning and starting my day. I also like sleeping at night because it means when I wake up I can start and finish a new day again. I'm not sure if that makes any sense at all. I like being awake and working. I like exercising and eating as well. I like talking with people about ideas. I like working with people and adding value to the lives of those around me. That pretty much sums up my days; doing those things above. The publishing business is doing okay. It is moving forward which makes me happy, but honestly being an entrepreneur is pushing me hard.Maybe going to graduate school or getting a 9-5 (doing what I don't know, advertising?marketing?) would be easier. If the publishing business doesn't look like it will be able to provide enough financial stability for me, I will have to move on to a plan B, and keep working in publishing on the side (and entrepreneurship in general). I am happy right now. The only thing I want to do more of are these videos. I want to get as good as Casey Neistat is with is narrative ability. That way I will be able to tell the stories behind the ideas I stand for better. Casey's vlogs are the best teachers. I have been learning from them. Again, let me know if you can tell. I know much of it is similar (title, ding sound, maybe some other things), but I LOVE that look, so I want to see if I can really get a good grasp on that style, then slowly make it more my own. This is all about the narrative though. Actually! I really do want that professional camera of his, though I do really love my iPhone. In the comments below, leave an honest comment. Something good, something bad, something funny. That would be awesome. Thanks for that. Oh my goodness, it is really late right now. I am going to eat and go to sleep. Thanks for the third and last time, Dragonslayer Sammy t WHAT IS A DRAGONSLAYER? A person who lives with the intention of growing better and positively influencing through honest and fearless actions in the name of science and love.
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