I Had a Dog (chorus lyrics)

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Description: Humans can feel alone or disconnected for a variety of reasons and animals can be a way to open up lines of communication. The song, I Had A Dog, and accompanying video with lyric sheet are made to encourage conversation between service providers and their clients, teachers and students, or other engaged learners from all walks of life. This resource can be used by service providers with older adults as a way to encourage conversation, bring about past memories, or uplift mood. Viewers may find comfort from simply hearing the song and watching the video. The resource can also be used across age groups to promote engagement between different age groups, guide discussion about memory loss and long-term care programming, or promote an understanding about the role of relationships with humans and other animals in wellness. The resource can also be used for educational purposes, whether in a health care setting or a classroom. Topic area suggestions include aging, clinical practice methods, grief and loss, total health care, mental health and problematic substance use, and so much more. This resource promotes strengths-based, anti-oppressive, and ecological perspectives for learning engagement, asking learners to think about the nature of relationships that impact our health and wellbeing. Sharing the song and video in your workplace with colleagues can also provide the opportunity to explore the potential benefits of animal visits for your organization, your programs, or your daily practices. Individuals and families can watch the video and listen to the lyrics in their own ways – the possibilities are endless. Credits: Music, Composition and Lyrics by: Wes Froese Chorus accompaniment by: Veterans Video filmed, edited, and directed by: Steven Espey Video Featuring: St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program participants, therapy dogs, handlers, residents, staff and volunteers. Learn more by visiting This work was funded by a University of Saskatchewan One Health Research Development Grant. The research project from which the song and video were inspired, titled “Pilot Study: Health Outcomes of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program” was funded by Veterans Affairs Canada
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