Relaxing Campfire Soundscape | 3 Hours of Crackling Fire and Night Owl Sounds

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Subscribe to Ambient Relaxation for more tracks like this Click here for our Morning Forest Soundscape ====================================================== It's the dead of night in the forest and your lone fire illuminates your campsite. It crackles in harmony with the crickets and distant owls occasionally discuss the night. ====================================================== Created at Tawny Owl in the Pyrenees by acclivity from Ominous Owls by George Vlad of Alchemy Audio Design Cricket at Manzanares el Real by Pedro Tejero Great Horned Owl Hooting -Public Domain- from Crackling Fire by sagetyrtle from Crackling Fire by urupin from Check out this 2 Hour Rain and Thunder Soundscape: Subscribe and stay tuned for more soundscapes ====================================================== Like us on Facebook:
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