Eurasian Eagle Owl in Song Display

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A Eurasian Eagle Owl in full display, a male at an undisclosed site near Stockholm, Sweden. This was my fifth attempt this year to see this bird before darkness fell in order to get some photos and video footage. I was lucky the bird called three times before dusk and gave it's position away, the views were stunning. The bird remained on the same perch for almost an hour as darkness fell, gradually becomong more active as the light fell. Eventually it broke into full display after a little bit of head scratching and wing stretching. I had my telinga parabol with me and was able to get a really nice sound of this, which I laid down over another recording of the evening chorus, mainly Blackbirds, Song Thrush , Chaffinch and Wren. This impressive owl is the largest in Europe and is an apex predator, taking prey as large as young deer and fox. It is increasing in Europe and the Swedish population is doing very well, now even encroaching on urban areas, where they do well.
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