Skyrim DLC: Hidden Chests in the Aetherium Forge

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This video gives step by step instructions on how to reach three awesome hidden chests in the Aetherium Forge. Now in order to unlock this area, you must first do the Lost to the Ages Quest. If you don't know what that is or how to start it, then click on the annotation link in the video or click on the link right here- They both will lead you to a video that I made on how to start and complete the Lost to the Ages Quest thus allowing you to access the area to get the hidden chests shown in the video. If you have any questions then please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will get to them as soon as I can:) Also, if this video helped you out, make sure to rate, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for watching and if you want a specific video shown on this channel then leave a comment below and I will answer the request:D
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