White Noise } Vertigo Dance Company

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White Noise } Vertigo Dance Company (short version 3min) choreography by Noa Wertheim Music by Ran Bagno. (photography & editing: Oscar Abosh) "For thousands of generations, the ambient noise was rain and wind and people talking. Now the soundtrack of the world is vastly different. Today's noise is all-spectrum, undecodable ... The brain learns to interpret white noise as a background distraction ... Ultimately, everything becomes background noise and we hear almost nothing." Culture Jam, Kalle Lasen The clash between an inner sense of quiet, the body's complete surrender to gravity's pull, and the noise surrounding us -- the buzz that lurks inside us all. "White Noise" wishes to give in to the force of gravity and reconnect with the universe, with the life force that binds us to the earth, to people. To return to being part of the whole without gaining control of it.
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