Creepy Howling Wind (with Rain) - Wind Howl Sound Effect

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Wind howl sound. The sound of a creepy howling wind. Rain in the background. This sfx is excellent for Halloween! This is a Nino Scuderi's original sound effect. Use this sound effect only with the prior approval of the author. Nino Scuderi is a freelance videomaker. He realised psychological short films, mostly thriller and horror movies. In his works nightmare is always inside and around us. If you like my work, please subscribe to my channel. Here you can find all my works such as short films, sound effects and original music! Click here Thanks for subscribing and likes! If you like this sound effect, you may also like: ♪ City Ambience SFX: ♪ City Ambience (with Barking Dog) SFX: ♪ Birds In The Wood SFX: ♪ Haunted House SFX: ♪ Old VHS - Damaged VHS SFX: ♪ Cowbell SFX: Visit my blog for more info and materials (posters, covers, backdrop). Click here 2014.01.28 All rights reserved. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Take a look at my short films! ✔ Psychosis: ✔ Insomnia: ✔ Daìdalos: ✔ Schizophrenia: Here are my playlists! ✔ Short Films: ✔ Horror and Halloween Sound Effects: ✔ Other Sound Effects: ✔ Creepy Recordings: ✔ Soundtracks and Music: ✔ Sad Satan Sound Effects: ✔ Trailers And More: ✔ Creepy World Trip: ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Follow me on: ► Blog: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Google+:
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