Rainforest - Sounds at Full Moon - 1,5 HOUR Nature Sounds #4 - Costa Rica Slow TV Soundscapes

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This video is from my playlist: NATURE SOUNDS PURE. My new series, just long HD movies with soothing soundscapes of natural sounds, great views of breathtaking landscapes and nature sights - Pure Nature - Impressions of paradise. This video is part of my NEW SERIE "Nature Sounds Pure", where I present you the most relaxing and beautiful landscapes and soundscapes of the tropics, or the rainforest without any added music, just NATURE SOUNDS PURE. Relaxing nature videos with their gorgeous soundscapes of real nature and natural ambient sounds from animals, weather phenomena or other natural soundscapes. Relaxing soundscapes from the rainforest, tropical beaches, wild rivers, lonley mountains and the most beautiful places in the world. This video and the sounds to this video I took at the super full moon on July 22nd, 2013 at night. I took hours of recordings of the rainforest soundscapes during this super full moon. On July 22nd 2013 I did phenomenal sound recordings, pictures and videos. 85 minutes finest sounds from the costa rican rainforest at night during a super full moon. The light of the full moon shines on the ocean and onto the trees and enlightens the night. Many many times you can see the bats flying in the fullmoon light. A great video of soothing full moon light, rainforest sounds and that special magical feeling during a full moon. Enjoy this real and pure night shots, the great landscapes and soothing soundscape. Soothing soundscapes to calm you donw. Support my work and subscribe to my channel that you don´t miss any upload. Stay tuned, keep safe and sound "Like" my facebook fanpage to get all the lates updates from Bodhisattva Music, and never miss any upload again. Facebook: Subscribe for my weekly videos: Twitter: Visit my website: If you enjoy relaxing music and chill-out tunes, watch my relaxing music playlist: "RELAXING MUSIC, meditation music, YOGA MUSIC & mantra music" 2 HOURS of RELAXING MUSIC for yoga, meditation & chill out. Instrumental music, piano music, new age, study music, sleep music, ambient, soft & soothing music, healing music & music which is able to calm you down and nourish your soul. Relax and enjoy. Keep safe and sound. Enrico Galvini © 2013, BodhisattvaMusic. All rights reserved. Music, photos, videos and lyrics are owned by Enrico Galvini, CEO BodhisattvaMusic. Donations are welcome. Therefor please check the left sidebar on my website:
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