Ocean Sounds - Waves crashing against the rocks at Sunset Cliffs San Diego

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I went to the Sunset Cliffs area in San Diego about four times (half hour drive each way) with the goal of getting several hours of sound each time. The reason for going to this specific spot was to get more sound from the waves as they tend to crest against rocks or the cliff here more often than most spots. There are so many people around this area at all times that it's difficult to find a good place to record non-human sounds. The Ocean Beach / Sunset Cliffs area is just so popular whether you're talking about people getting in their run, young lovers trying to find a quiet spot to hang out, or the many weird folks that seem to be teeming about the place. I found each time that I had mostly sounds of the ocean AND people walking around, talking, etc. Even if it was quiet I found it very distracting while editing. The best recording I got was this one, which was down a steep flight of stairs built specifically for surfers on a spot where there is no beach and which is not recommended for non surfers at high tide. The upshot was that you couldn't hear cars and people up near the road. So rather than try to edit a bunch of things together I'll go with 40 minutes of good quality sounds of the Pacific Ocean waves cresting against the rocks and the Sunset Cliffs. This was a great place to get some recordings, but a surfer told me that my recorder wasn't safe as the tide was coming in and I had to navigate back to the recorder at high tide (not easy) and rescue it so it got cut short. I'm realizing what a challenge it is to get good sound. All photos and audio are my property.
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