ASMR a cup coffee _-~an owl sound (o,o) and the moon ☾

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i hope you enjoy my little film. it is a soft spoken film with whispering. You will hear the sound of an owl, opening a door, crickets & night sounds, minor sounds of wind and a little rain. Please excuse some of the camera noise. My lens is going bad again and i need to buy another Canon ELPH 520 HS's the camera i like best for making my videos. if you want to help and donate i would appreciate it very much. i could make better films. Thank you in advance my friends.i'll give you the details on how i spent your special gift by writing to you via email. i appreciate all so much, but most of all your friendship. Best wishes! Please give me a thumb up if you liked my video. i would be so pleased. Thank you! Also comment. i would love that and i try and answer all comments. Subscribe if you would like to get the latest videos i put up. i would be thrilled. Thanks so much!!!! with Love, Sabiene from blossomlikearose இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ
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