Oi!'s debut exhibit is wet, wet, wet (7.7.2013)

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It is a case of water, water everywhere at the successor to the Oil Street Artist Village in North Point known as "Oi!". Water is in the air, on the ground, below the ground, in pictures and in sound. The first exhibition in this re-christened century-old grade II historic building is "Embark! Beyond the Horizon," using water in various forms as its theme to echo Oi!'s importance as the only remaining building of the original pre-reclamation 1930s North Point coastline. Oi!, a main block with two smaller buildings, was originally home to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club next to the site of the now demolished Government Supplies Department building, which housed the former Oil Street Artist Village. Four innovative artists have created multimedia artworks to demonstrate Oi!'s infinite possibilities. The works on display include "Together" by Yuan Gong, who creates mist and fog inside and outside the building for visitors to appreciate their independent status while being aware of other's presence. Tang Kwok-hin developed the installation "Before Rain After". With containers he found in the streets and shops around Oi!, he collected rainwater outside the gallery. He poured it into a large kettle atop an oil burner then boiled it until it evaporated, capturing the whole process on video, which is then broadcast from the bottom of a shallow well. ( )
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