White Noise for Fussy Newborns

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This white noise video is designed to help calm your fussy or crying baby, infant, newborn etc. It is thought that the sound mimics the sounds heard in the womb and comforts the child. Binaural Beats are really very simple. You take tone audio track of a certain hertz level and play it through the left headphone while playing a tone of a different frequency through the right headphone. I do this using WAV files because they seem to retain most of the information I put into the audio in my editor and give better quality than the MP3s. Your brain hears the difference in the two tones and since the frequencies are usually well out of your normal hearing range, it has various effects on the brain. For example, if I run 60 hertz through your left headphone and 63.5, your mind would pick up a tone of 3.5 hertz, and, as reported online and experienced by me, you get a peaceful feeling. Binaural beats are very effective for: ESP, meditation, relaxation, astral projection, sleeping, pain relief, stress relief, etc Isochronic Tones are tones that are modulated both in frequency and amplitude, and have many of the same effects of binaural tones but are useful if headphones are not an option or if you can't hear out of one of your ears. White Noise, Brown Noise, and Pink Noise have various effects that vary depending on how I filter them but they range from a simple study aid to phosphene induction and ESP induction. I will never put a video out that I haven't personally tried myself, within reason. If I find a frequency that claims a women's health issue, I can't try it, for example. But it should be said that these frequencies can affect everyone differently, and that I am not a medical doctor, so if you find that one affects you in a negative way, stop using it. Thank you for choosing BrainEntrainment101 for all of your relaxation, meditation, and ESP development wants and needs. I am always open to requests for custom tones or experiences. Feel free to message or comment any requests and I will get it made ASAP, but if I am at work, it may take a couple of days.
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