3 Hours Sound of Wind Blowing Leaves - Relaxation, Meditation, Study, Sleep

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I hope you enjoyed the video. If you like this channel and want to help it, feel free to donate at: Slip away while listening to soothing nature sounds. This video is not only for meditation, it is also for stress reduction and helping people get a better night sleep. Visit other videos on my channel. The videos range from ones with sound of waves to others that have sounds of birds. Each one though should have a similar effect, to relax you and make you feel calm. Many of these relaxation videos on my channel are quiet long. Some range from 15 minutes long, others are 8 hours long or even 10 hours long. The longer videos can be used when you are trying to get to sleep. They are long enough to cover the entirety of your sleep. With the shorter videos, these are great for small meditation sessions. They will let you get into a zone of relaxation and peacefulness. Feel free to check them out. Their are ones also that cover rain sounds and wind sounds. I really hope these meditation and relaxation makes a difference. I hope you find that they helped you in your own way. Please subscribe to this channel. I should have more relaxation and meditation videos on the way shortly. All the best.
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