Rainforest Sounds of tropical rain - Nature Sounds #1, Costa Rica Slow Television Soundscapes

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Tropical Rain Costa Rica - Relaxing Nature Sounds Pure. BECOME A FAN OF BodhiSattva Music & Enrico Galvini on Facebook and Youtube: Facebook: Youtube: Follow me around on Twitter: Tropical Rain Costa Rica - Relaxing Nature Sounds Pure - a charming summer rain in the tropics - it washes away all the heat of the day - if refreshes the senses and gives water to the plants - The calming sounds of that sweet tropical rain can help you to cleanse your aura. The white noise ( pink noise ) which is produced by the raindrops can help you to release stress and emotional pressure. Just visualize that shower from god, that falls down on earth and washes away all the dust. Feel how the water washes away all your burdens and refreshes your whole body mind and soul. The smell of the fresh rain right after the rain stopped. The breeze which came with the rain. Feel the new energy which comes with the rain. Even in the big citys it smells much fresher after a nice rain fall. Here in Costa Rica the rain season is so beautiful. Sometimes we have heavy rain storms. But it´s so beautiful always. The humming birds are coming in that moment when the rain stops and than they drink the fresh water from all the flowers, which are filled with nice flavoured rain water. What a life. Life is Good. God loves us. Feel the abundance of creation every moment in your life. Feel the power of our creator whenever you need to regenerate. Good loves you - and God cares about you. Soak in all the loving energy that comes from God. Enjoy the video. This video is part of my SERIES "Nature Sounds". Nature Sounds is a Show where I present you the most amazing nature videos with their great sound experiences of real nature and natural ambient sounds from animals, the weather or other physical sound sources. Subsribe to receive new videos in your feed: Stay tuned, keep safe and sound. Enrico Galvini, CEO Bodhisattva Music, 2014 © by Enrico Galvini, CEO BodhiSattvaMusic 2013 / 2014
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