Inspired Generation - Life through water's emotions for Expo Competition

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With this project we, Inspired Generation (founder & creative director Tiia Rohelsaar) together with Arup engineer Mitsuhiro Kanada and Italian designer Federica Capitani, wanted to bring Estonia to World through design language. Best way to do it is water, as water molecule is the most extraordinary in the universe, small, pure and simple. It consists only three little atoms, but at the same time its physical and chemical properties are beyond belief. Water is the base of life and takes care of us on any steps we make, bring quality in our everyday life and is capable to record emotions in its crystal memory. WATER -- symbol of viable and sustainable country. Spring water revitalizes the earth of Estonia and is vitality for a new start. STEAM -- symbol of limitless digital society. As difficult as it is to touch a steam, it is to comprehend limitless wisdom and intellectual properties of Estonia. ICE -- symbol of transparent and structured economy. Estonian has reach among developed countries with high speed thanks to transparent and structured economy. SNOW -- symbol of pure values and ancient traditions. For centuries, Estonians have been and still are nature's nation, despite the continuing urbanization. Small country Estonia can be proud of their small size what carries high cultural heritage content. INSPIRED GENERATION is interior design company based in Europe and US, which provides interior design and design completion services to institutions, public agencies, private owners, and property development clients. Inspired Generation provides solutions that perform for today's needs and are flexible for tomorrow's change. For more information visit or contact directly
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