HAWK - An Imagine Cup 2011 Project - Presented by Team Komodo

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HAWK is a Crowd-Sourced, collaborative Information aggregation, reporting and geo-visualisation system geared towards Community-centric Disaster Management and Neighborhood Improvement. Inspiration for the idea: Watching the informal relief efforts in disaster-stricken countries like Haiti, where Twitter and Skype were used within minutes of the disaster happening to start coordinating people and relief efforts, and looking at the Ushahidi model for citizen journalism in conflict areas, we recognized the enormous potential of allowing crowds, communities and neighborhoods to become self-organising if they had an open, universally accessible, socially integrated, and intelligent platform to share on. Developed by Pieter Roodt, Richard Sadie, Junaid Parker, Irfaan Imamdin and Reza Ismail - University of Cape Town Information Systems Honours Class, 2010.
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