Hypersleep MK3 ★ Deep Sleep Delta Binaural Beats Sleep Music w/ Isochronic Tones ★ Sleep Fast

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Get to sleep fast with Hypersleep MK3, the third instalment of our sleep music series, featuring delta binaural beats and isochronic tones. -- ►Hypsleep Playlist: ☞ Introduction The purpose of this sleep aid is to guide you into a deep sleep using 0.5hz Delta waves. ☞ How do I use this audio? You can choose to either fall asleep to this audio, or use it to prime your mind for sleep. Headphones are OPTIONAL. Set the volume to a level which isn't too intrusive and fall asleep in your own time. ☞ Brainwave Entrainment Using the 'frequency following response', your brainwaves will begin to mirror the 0.5hz Delta wave, which is conductive to deep sleep. The FFR is fundamental to the science of brainwave entrainment and takes 5-10 minutes to begin to take effect. ☞ What else can this audio be used for? You can use this audio as relaxation music, spa music, stress relief music, meditation music etc. You can also use it for recreational reading though it is recommended that you do this before bed. Enjoy and don't forget to share! ☞ LINKS ► MP3 STORE: Become a part of our growing community on these social platforms: ►Facebook: ►Google +: ►Twitter: Check out the 'Hypersleep' playlist for more binaural beats sleep meditation audios: ►Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date on high quality brainwave entrainment audios: Lucid Dreaming Induction Audios: Astral Projection: Stress Relief Music: Sleep Aids: Chakra Balancing & Healing: Pain Relief: Powernaps: Creative thinking: Meditation Audios: Serotonin Release: Study Focus & Concentration: Manifestation / Creative Visualisation: Depression Relief: Anxiety Aid: Energy Booster:
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