Nature Sounds Relaxing Ocean Sounds for Sleeping

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6 hours of Nature Sounds with Relaxing Ocean Sounds for Sleeping. Soothing sound of the ocean on a rocky shore, listen it in background while you're studying or reading. Usually I like to record the sunrise or the sunset, it's beautiful and magical, but the sun reflected over the ocean at noon it's very beautiful too. Also, I'm waiting for more raining days; the last weeks was not raining so I can't upload rain videos until the rain appears. Patience :) Relaxing Music channel. Soothing videos twice a week with nature sounds for meditation, stress relieve or beat insomnia with sounds of nature ( birds chirping, ocean waves, etc.), white noise (and similar noises like rain, waterfall / river, etc.), binaural ASMR and all the universal ways to relax, calm the mind and the spirit for meditate or sleep.
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