Mindfulness Bell Sound: Meditation Timer Meditate 3 bells every 30 minutes for 8 Hours

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam Bells of Mindfulness Sounds: Meditation Timer Meditate every 30 minutes for 8 Hours. This is It! Mindfulness bell for computer - Meditate and Appreciate (8 hours long. This is a mindfulness bell meditation timer which can be turned on in the morning, and will provide you reminders (3 bells) every 30 minutes to stop and be present and appreciate your life and now (which includes everything). In our busy daily lives it is so easy to get caught up in projects, and forget about the time, and forget to breathe deeply, and simply enjoy being alive in the present moment. All that is needed is a pair of speakers, the better the speakers or headphone, the better the sound of course! You can run this video in a separate tab, or browser window, while doing other things on your computer, laptop, or other electronic device. It will still work even with a screensaver on. You can also use this in a classroom as a meditation timer, and teach your students mindfulness, to stop and take a few breaths every 30 minutes. This can also help focus and concentrate on the matter at hand better. The meditation bell used for this video is large enough to fit a person inside of the bell, and as a result has a very deep and warm sound that carries far into a meditation hall. Let me know if this is helpful, or if you prefer an alternate version, with say one bell instead of 3 every 30 minutes. Or every 15 minutes. You can find other meditation timers I did by going to this playlist: Web site: Bells of Mindfulness
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