Finnish Summer In Pictures & Sounds | ASMR Relaxation - Meditation - Sleep

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There are three sound categories to be heard: 0:00 - 5:00 A walk in the forest - Birds singing in the forest - Gentle sounds of water stream Short but intense, the bright, warm, lush Finnish summer arrives every year like a miracle after the long period of darkness and cold. Because of the long, cold winter Finns celebrate their summer very passionately. Some go to music festivals. Others are sailing among the coastal islands or enjoying slow life at their summer cottages – swimming, fishing and cooking dinner on the grill. For three brief – but oh, so sweet! – months, the temperatures soar high and the sun does not set at all. Summer is a natural phenomenon, yet it is also a state of mind: The world is again full of possibilities, joys and pleasures. The change is dramatic. Mother Nature, who so recently lay dormant and frozen under a blanket of snow, bursts into wild blossom as summer arrives. ~ Kissing, SkSkSk, Tongue Clicking, Breathing & Mouth Sounds ~ ▶ You can follow me on Instagram and you can ask me anything on! :) ►ASK.FM - ◄ ►INSTAGRAM - ◄
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