Relax Music for Your Brain

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Please like and share if you like mysterious stone spheres that could be from outer space and if you don't that's okay too because instead you could just listen to this relaxing music that is good for your brain. I've heard when listening to brain training music louder is not necessarily better so please play this quietly in the background while you study, learn, relax, sleep, snooze, or meditate. It contains, very quietly in the background, binaural beats at a frequency or 7.83hz (Schumann resonance) and a 528hz solfeggio frequency just in case you need a miracle to pass a test or something like that is happening. We also have a 60 beats per minute pulse because it is proven this will enhance your ability to learn and retain information. This is all mixed in with some relaxing instrumentals and some uplifting choir music to inspire you to do great things even if the great thing you are doing right now is nothing at all. Relax, learn well, rest well, sleep well, and have a great day, night, or whatever time it is you have set aside to improve your brain power. With love even if I don't know you, Jody.
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