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by Cabri - Carolyn Krueger and Brigitte Kottwitz english version of 'Klima' Video in 9 chapters: Floodplain climate, tulips climate, river climate, bed climate, urban climate, forest climate, vineyard climate, air climate, glacial climate Min, color, sound, 16:9, DVD Production year: 2009 Climate in a figurative sense is a synonym for the prevailing conditions in one place. On the outskirts of the city an artificial floodplain world is preserved. Magnificent tulip beds are on the road. The city is a projection of different models for living. The forest is celebrating its growth and its destruction at the same time. The sky is full of artificial cloud drawings. We are walkers and observers between these worlds. Looking and careful observation is the basis. Technically fixed and ordered, built into a projectable sequence of images and sounds. The reproduction allows the observer to view the process of our perception. Ideas that have contributed to the creation of images become a comprehensible unit. In our film the visual experience is captured and brought into relation with each other. The basis are photo series, that we have made with the digital camera, giving it hand to hand. The pictures are arranged in a way so that they interlock visually. Chronology, form, color, light and movement, resulting in its harmony of the cinematic experience. The sound is made from collecting natural and synthetic sounds. In the film, the sound is driving the rhythm of the images. It accelerates, runs, slows down, stops. The climate of sound enhances the atmosphere of the pictures and vice versa supports the images in the sound space. In the succession the images are so fast that not one single picture stands in the center of attention, but the many differences and connections between the images. In a short time, many structures come to view. Present and memories mingle with the observer's own viewing experience, each of which depends on parameters such as personal interests, preferences, concentration, imagination and cognition.
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