Cuckoo Bird Song and Pictures ~ Common Cuckoo

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Bird Song Playlist - click here : Please see my ANIMAL SOUNDS playlist The Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) (formerly European Cuckoo) is a member of the cuckoo order of birds, Cuculiformes, which includes the roadrunners, the anis and the coucals. This species is a widespread summer migrant to Europe and Asia, and winters in Africa. It is a brood parasite, which means it lays eggs in the nests of other bird species, particularly of Dunnocks, Meadow Pipits, and Eurasian Reed Warblers. see Cuckoo Bird Song and Pictures ~ Common Cuckoo Common Cuckoo (Organism Classification),Bird,Birds,Cuckoo,cuckoo bird,Cuckoo bird call,sound of cuckoo,Bird Vocalization (Database Topic)
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