Thunderstorm 10 hours of Rain and Lightning Storm in the City [ Sleep Music ]

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10 hours of thunderstorm and rain sounds of a lightning storm in the city. There's some huge thunder sounds after striking a lightning bold. The sound of the rain is clear and relaxing, so, you can use this video for sleeping. This storm was recorded in the city, so, maybe you will listen, softly in background, some city sounds (traffic, for example) but is not annoying. For me makes the video more realistic and helps me to sleep. Total storm length is , then I repeated it until 10 hours. I did it this way to make it easier to listen it for relaxation issues. You can play the video with headphones and go to sleep to enjoy the thunderstorm all night long. The rain sound is stereo and good quality. Also, you can enjoy it in a meditation session (yoga, reiki, taichi, etc.) listening to the nature sounds. Audio: Acerting Art is a Relaxing Music channel. Videos every week with soft music for yoga, meditation, or for relaxation. You will listen nature music (ocean, rain, birds..) and all the universal ways to relax, meditate and clean the mind. Thumbs up if you like rain sounds! :) Thanks! (and sorry for my english!)
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