Water Sound Relaxation - Flowing Water #1

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Water Sound Relaxation - Flowing Water Part 1 is part of a series of videos featuring the relaxing sounds of flowing water in its various types. Part 1 features a gentle forest stream flowing through between rocks and boulders on a gorgeous sunny day. This produces a pleasing relaxed bubbling running water sound and the mixture of shadows and sunlight add to give the video a very dreamy summers day feel. I have used only the natural sound of running water with no music and recorded the sound of the water onsite. This video was filmed at the wonderful Knocksink Wood nature reserve in Co Wicklow, Ireland. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend a visit. There is a looped walk nature trail that follows both banks of the river and you are enveloped on one side by the river and on the other by the native forest full of birdsong. Moss grows on the rocks and boulders especially in the shaded areas giving the whole scene a cool and relaxing feel. Please like, share, comment, I love to hear from you also while you are at it hit me up on G+, facebook and twitter. Also stop by for a visit at
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