Commanding water to become responsive.Manipulate water.Control water with magic!

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This dude I know claims he likes to make water dance. His hand gestures harness unseen forces which are of the water, causing the water to obey. My mind kinda refuses to believe any of this but, my bare eyes are my best witness. There is no way this is ANYTHING other than what he explains it to be. Maybe the result of earths magnetic shift?? Maybe this is a form of demonology? Maybe Chi energy? Perhaps the current atmospheric condition is charged strangely? Maybe he hired a midget to kick the bowl when I am not looking? I know this for a fact, I am not aware of anybody else who knows about this and can perform this demonstration anywhere. Also notice the cameras behavior reacting to this erratically. I mounted the camera securely attached to a heavy base, fastened and clamped to the walls trim structure.
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