1 hour Nature Sounds Relaxation Meditation Birdsong Birds singing Johnnie Lawson

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HD Audio And Video Downloads. Listen and view anywhere anytime, no need for internet, and there are absolutely no ads. Mindfulness is a very popular topic at present. Many hundreds of thousands of people are learning how to be mindful and for this there is good reason. When we are being mindful we are far more successful in so many areas both in our private and professional lives. Most of our time spent with our thoughts is either in the past or in the future and seldom in the present. The art or skill of being mindful is to remain in the present and being open and aware of all that is happening around us. An extreme example of when we are very mindful is when we feel scared or threatened. In a situation like this we notice that time appears to slow down, we see everything around us, our sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch also become very observant. Our brains function much faster and are more accurate than normal. We don't think about the past or the future, all of our attention is focused in the present. The aim of learning to be mindful is to develop the skill of leaving aside all thoughts of past or present and being totally focused and participatory in the present moment. We learn to heighten the awareness of our senses, feeding the brain with the maximum amount of information permitting us to make the best judgement of how to most appropriately approach each new situation. To practice being mindful you can use this or any of my relaxing videos. As you view the scene before you let all thoughts of past and present ease and leave your thoughts. Focus on the images before you on as large a screen as is possible, hear the sounds of that location. As you focus more intently feel the scene expanding around you, feel yourself enter the scene. Feel the air as it passes over your skin, taste and smell the scents of nature, touch the plants and feel their texture against your finger tips. Become totally absorbed in the scene, you are now being mindful and totally present in the moment. You can then use this same technique with most situations. Video playlists you may find interesting:- Classical Music with Nature Relaxation, 8 Hours of Nature Sounds Natural Sleep Aid Sounds Natural Recordings of Birds Singing Recordings of Natural Water Sounds Pet Therapy Sounds Music and Nature for Relaxation Sounds of the Sea William Butler Yeats Poetry Readings My Complete Collection of Uploads to Youtube My Youtube Channel
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