Maschine 2 - Filter Delay Effects Chains with Fabfilter Timeless 2 - How to Tutorial

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For more MASCHINE tuts visit In this tutorial, learn how to build filter delay effects chains with Maschine's macros, built in effects, and a dedicated VST, Fabfilter Timeless 2. In this tutorial, macro mapping for effects chains is covered. Machine can load both the built-in filter and beat delay plugins, and in either order. This creates a distinct filter delay effect. However, controlling the parameters of two different plugins at once can be unwieldy. Using Machine's ability to map parameters to macros, we can control the critical parameters of both plugins with just Maschine's eight encoders. This allows us to precisely control our filter delay effects chain, even in a live setting. After exploring the extremes of the filter delay effects chain we created with Maschine's built-in plugins, using a dedicated VST, Fabfilter Timeless 2, is covered. Timeless 2 integrates both delays and filters, which is perfect for our filter delay macros. Timeless 2 also has much more powerful and flexible modulation sources, as well as a number of different filter designs. Repeating the macro mapping process we can also control the more powerful Timeless plugin with just 8 encoders mapped to important parameters. This filter delay effects chain is one example of Maschine's powerful sound design and flexible mapping abilities.
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