Primordial Sound Meditation by Prabha Duneja (Select tracks below)

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TRACK 1 - The Holy Syllable Aum / LECTURE - 0:00 TRACK 2 - Primordial Sound Meditation / MEDITATION ONLY- 26:51 Meditation with the sound of AUM has been highly glorified in Vedas. This mystic syllable is known as the beeja mantra––the primordial sound, heard by Vedic sages in deep meditation at a specific level of yogic unity in transcendence. This sound from Brahmanada wraps the entire creation. The great mother Gayatri has been revealed from the holy syllable AUM and from Gayatri has been revealed the knowledge of the Vedas. The sound energy of the holy syllable AUM is a connecting link to the entire universe, as well as to the deepest mysteries of the Supreme-Self.
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