"Lost in Paradise" (Just Nature Sounds) Fiji Relaxation Video 1080p HD

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CLEAN VERSION DOWNLOAD/DVD/LICENSE: | STREAM: ABOUT:Have you ever wanted to just escape everything and teleport yourself to a perfect, deserted tropical island paradise and relax there all day? Now you can do just that with this one hour long high definition Nature Relaxation™ experience which slowly transports the viewer around two different remote islands hidden in the south Pacific. You'll begin at sunrise, far far away from any worries or responsibilities...and as the day progresses you'll slowly make your way from white sandy shorelines to verdant green mountaintops - all with stereo nature sounds. (For music version, click here: ) As the day ends, the moon emerges and night falls in, only to give way to dawn breaking as your experience comes to an end. If you think the scenes change too fast, check out "A Day in Paradise" for the 4-hour version:
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