Happy Morning Birds singing (no music) - 10 HOURS Natural sounds

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10 HOURS Sound Therapy - Amazing Morning Birds -Amazing Wood Thrush singing, birds morgning song. After 4:00:00 there comes to background sound mix of; wind chimes, swallows, bees and another birds sounds Beautiful birdsong, sounds of relaxing bird songs, Sounds in forest, heavy woods in deep southern Illinois. natures sounds therapy, wildlife sounds, birds sounds 10 hours of Relaxing Bird Songs "This wood thrush was recorded around in the morning in heavy woods in deep southern Illinois. Unlike my earlier posting of the wood thrush singing at dusk, this morning recording has the wood thrush singing with lots of company, although he clearly rises above his neighbors. 17 seconds into the recording you hear the drumming of a woodpecker, and at one-minute 20 seconds into the recording you hear the distinctive-lonely sounding call of the huge Pileated Woodpecker. Recording made with good-quality stereo microphones so use headphones to get a wonderful experience." by kvgarlic audio used in this video: WoodThrushinMorningShawneeForestMay27201­2.wav by kvgarlic copyright: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) I made some modification and amplified with program "Audacity" and I added from - (end of video as the background sound, mix of wind chimes, bees and swallows the sounds (sounds can be heard from time to time) Visual and all another sounds in this video © 1HarryH video © 1HarryH
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