432 Hz & Schumann Resonance Meditation Music VI (with dolphin sounds and Gyuto Monks)

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This composition features 432 Hz, Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz), the sound of dolphins, which are known to communicate with Schumann Resonance, and Gyuto monks singing (Yamantaka puja). Purchase this meditation on iTunes: -1 second = 1/86,400 of a solar day (86,400 / 200 = 432) -1 Hz = 1 cycle per second -if you tune low C to 1 Hz, then the C that is one octave above it is 2 Hz, the C above that is 4 Hz, then 8 hz, 16 Hz, 32 Hz, 64 Hz, 128 Hz, 256 Hz, and 512 Hz which is middle C. Using the Pythagorean tuning scale, this would mean middle A is precisely 432 Hz. The term Schumann Resonance refers to the electromagnetic resonant frequency of the Earth. This resonant frequency is what Nikola Tesla utilized in Colorado Springs to wirelessly transmit electricity around the world with minimal losses. How it "works" is this: 42.86% of the Earth's crust is Silicon Dioxide, also known as Quartz, which is electromagnetically conductive. In the upper atmosphere is a layer of charged particles called the ionosphere, which is electromagnetically conductive. Between these two layers is the atmosphere of Earth, composed of mainly Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%), which is relatively non-conductive of electromagnetic energy. This conductive - nonconductive - conductive "Earth Sandwich" acts as a natural capacitor. The way that a capacitor works is this: Capacitor: energy in (ionosphere) ~| |~ energy sink (Earth) One layer of the capacitor (symbolized above by a " | ") holds a charge, where the particles are charged with electromagnetic energy. This energy is prohibited from being transferred to the other layer (the other " | ") due to the nonconductive layer in between them. Yet, when the electromagnatic potential between them grows (i.e. when the charged layer gets "supercharged") the charge becomes great enough to overcome the gap between the two layers and electricity begins to flow from the charged layer to the sink, or "ground", layer. Usually, this happens very abruptly, and as the charge has been built up over time, the flow only lasts momentarily as all of the charge is released and the charged layer begins to recharge, and the cycle begins anew. This is exactly how lightning occurs. The ionosphere builds up a charge (from inputs such as the Sun and electromagnetic "EM" radiation from the center of the galaxy and beyond). When this charge becomes too great to be contained within the ionosphere, it jumps through the "gap" of our Nitrogen-rich atmosphere and sinks into the Earth, a natural "ground" layer. It should be noted that sometimes this process occurs in reverse, when the Earth's conductive Quartz layer builds up EM energy from the movement of the ferrous (magnetic) iron-core and releases it up through the atmosphere to the ionosphere. This is why lightning occasionally moves from the Earth to the sky. So what does this have to do with the Schumann Resonance? When lightning strikes on Earth, the electromagnetic energy released travels radially outward from the point of strike, through the ionosphere and Earth's crust. This circular EM wave travels from that single point outward until it wraps around the Earth like the equator. At that point, the wave travels inward again until it condenses back into a single point exactly halfway around the world from the point of strike. The wave then travels outward again, wrapping around the Earth like the equator, and then back once again to a single point, the exact point that lightning struck in the first place. Tesla utilized this phenomenon by pulsing EM energy at a single point on Earth at exactly the right frequency, so when the EM wave came back (after traveling once around Earth), he sent another EM pulse which added to the original. By doing this at this exact frequency, the EM resonant frequency of the Earth, he was able to build up huge amounts of EM energy by starting with small initial pulses. This resonant frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance of Earth, is precisely 7.83 Hz. This frequency, 7.83 Hz, corresponds to biorhythms of every living thing on this planet, including the natural harmonic frequency of the human brain while in deep meditation and sleep. I have added this frequency to this meditation, and in fact all of the meditations released thus far. Those with good speakers may notice their subwoofers undulating in a peculiar manner, this is why. By playing this meditation, the speakers you are listening to are emitting EM waves at the exact Schumann Resonance, the natural frequency of your brain during deep meditation. You may not be able to hear these frequencies (normal human hearing is limited to frequencies above ~20 Hz though can be as low as 12 Hz), but your brain will slowly begin to attune to them.
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