J S Bach Suite No.3 (sound of Ocean)

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J S Bach music Suite No.3 (sound of Ocean) release cooming soon on How to listen correctly healing music? If you want your baby to hear the music better, you may put your earphones on the belly but the sound shouldn't be too loud and deep sounds should be turned off. It's also possible to listen to it at a distance. The music for pregnant must be of high quality, without any extrinsic interfering noise (the best choice is the professional stereophonic recording that you may download here). While listening to music it's recommended to imagine that it sounds only for you and your little one! It's one of the secrets of success. It's also good to listen to music in the morning and in the evening - after and before going to bed. The majority of musical therapists over the world supposes that musical therapeutic sessions are better to have with your eyes closed ("turn-off" of the visual analyzer considerably intensifies auditory perception), but if it's hard to organize you may do usual everyday work (easy cleaning - arrange everything on its place, make the bed) or watch some pictures or photos. Duration of every session of musical therapy must be 30-40 minutes, don't make more than three sessions a day. More bach johan sebastian music on page
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