ॐ Intentional Sounds ॐ -- YHVH POWERFUL MANIFESTING MANTRA [Meditation Music] (by ➠ Gianni Bardaro )

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ॐ ► FACEBOOK PAGE ► ☯ ➠ FACEBOOK PERSONAL ➠ ॐ ►OFFICIAL WEBSITE ► ☯ ➠ iTUNES ➠ h ॐ ► CDBABY ► ☯ ➠ YOUTUBE CHANNEL ➠ ॐ ➠ 2nd YOUTUBE CHANNEL ➠ YHVH. The formula Tetragrammaton refers to the four-letter Hebrew name of God, Jehovah, or Yod, He, Vau, He (יהוה). These letters have been attributed to numerous four-part symbols, including the classic elements, cardinal directions, Tarot suits, and so on. The formula is often represented by the Father (Yod) joining with the Mother (He), to produce the Son (Vau) and the Daughter (He-final). Within Yoga it is possible to see this formula as describing the union of the subject and the object to produce the exalted state of mind and the resulting ecstasy.Within a Thelemic framework, the first letter can also be interpreted as the original creative force, or Hadit, who "marries" the eternally fertile, co-equal female force, Nuit, resulting in the twins, Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-Par-Kraat (both of whom make up the deity Heru-ra-ha, perhaps meaning "Horus and Ra be Praised!"). There are many other uses of this formula within the realm of mysticism.
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