Brown Noise: similar to white noise, Helps with sleep, tinnitus, headache & migraine pain

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Brown Noise for pain relief, aids with tinnitus, migraines and helps you to go into a deep sleep. Brown noise is a little "softer" in tone that white noise is. We suggest played at lower volumes. The term "Brown noise" comes not from the colour, but after Robert Brown, the discoverer of Brownian motion. Out of the all the 'coloured' noises that I have here, brown noise has the deepest frequency. It has a drone like wind/ocean sound to it. Brown Noise is ideal for meditation, general blissed out relaxation and also concentration/focus. Enjoy the great benefits of Brown Noise now. You can also use Brown Noise to: • Assist with easing headaches and migraine pain • Improves production and mood within an office environment • Ideal tool for meditation and general relaxation purposes • Acts as an aid for a more comfortable, deep sleep • Assists with Tinnitus • Ideal for the enhancement of privacy whilst you are on the phone Please remember to never listen to brainwave entrainment if you fall into any of the following categories: Under 16 years of age Are pregnant Wear a pacemaker Suffer from seizures of any kind Are driving or operating machinery of any kind. IMPORTANT AND PLEASE NOTE: This music is never to take the place of professional medical advice or assistance of any kind. It's for enjoyment purposes only.
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