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3 hours 30,3 GB Full HD fireplace + stormy wind whistling video Relax with a warm fireplace while listening to storm winds whistle outside. Take a warm drink and let your mind travel to into relaxing sounds of nature Sound recorded in less than 1 m from the flames (thankfully Zoom H4n microphones did not melt in the heat) 2 Hours version here more fireplace videos by 1HarryH Windy storm and warm fireplace , sounds of nature, natural sounds Fire flames - 消防 - 火焰 - 火の炎 - llamas de fuego - chamas de fogo النار النار Vuur vlammen आग आग की लपटों Fiamme del fuoco - Apoy apoy - Yangın alevleri - Φωτιά φλόγες - Moto moto - Płomienie pożaru Огонь пламя In this video used sounds: 1. Lumimyrsky, lumi pöllyää, kahisee tuulessa / Snowstorm, snow drifting in a whistling wind, mix by YleArkisto License: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) 2. Sounds of swallows, crickets, wind and the sound effect of the roof panel by sun - shadow spassing over the roof, begins the roofing sheet squeaks sounds © 1HarryH The above mentioned sounds amplified, mixed and combined with sound of this fireplace. Used Audacity and Windows Movie Maker programs 03.Nov. 2014 by 1HarryH video © 1HarryH
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