☠ How to Make: THC PILLS ☠ (Coconut Oil)

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Step-by-step guide for how to make THC Pills from Raw Cannabis using Coconut Oil to extract the THC. The Coconut Oil is then filtered and put in Gelatin Capsules. THC PILL Dose Testing: Celebrating This Video's Success: Steps: 1. Decarboxylate your Weed for ~30 mins @ 315 F 2. Grind your Decarboxylated Weed into a fine powder. 3. Add ground Weed and Coconut Oil into a double boiler. 4. Allow at least 2 hours for THC to transfer to the Coconut Oil. 5. Filter out the Weed, leaving the Coconut Oil. Allow the Coconut Oil to cool below 60 C as not to melt the Gelatine Capsules. 6. Fill the Gelatine Capsules as full as possible. 7. Test the pills to find the required dose. Enjoy! Please Subscribe! Facebook: Timins Toker Twitter: @TIminsToker Instagram: TiminsToker Vine: Timins Toker TSU: Timins Toker ***The information in this video and on my channel does not intend to promote illegal drug use. This information is for harm reduction and educational purposes only.*** *Permission must be granted by myself to use any of this footage. I'll see you Tokers later... T. Toker
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