Relaxing Music deep Sleep Theta Binaural Waves [Meditation & Relaxation]

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A long playlist of beautiful and soothing music with theta binaural waves to chillout and sleep deeply. Some zen music ideal for relaxation, sleep and meditation. Relax your mind and body during this calming instrumental composition. Use it for zen meditation, yoga, spa, sleep, massage and study in background. Relaxing Music deep Sleep + Theta Binaural Waves for Meditation & Relaxation. Video, Photos & Music by Fred Bouchal In addition to music there are also Theta binaural beats. This will help you for : •Deep levels of relaxation •Bridges the spiritual connection •O.O.B.E. , Astral Projection, Esp, Other related phenomenon •Advanced intuition •Subconscious connection •Ability to program subconscious mind •Emotional connection •Peak levels of creativity •Advanced problem solving skills •Large boost in learning ability •Improved long-term memory •Ability to hyperfocus •Lower anxiety, stress, and neurosis •Healing of body and mind ▸Download : ▸Subscribe for more instrumental music: ★ FaceBook : Copyright ©Fred Bouchal - All rights reserved - ----------------------------------------­--- Google + : Twitter : Facebook : Tumblr : Pinterest : Youtube Films : Youtube Music : Youtube Nature & Animals :
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