Wonderful Nature Music Video:

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Subscribe DragonStorm: ► More of my Videos: ► ✔email: DragonStormEpic(at)gmail(dot)com ___ Music by: Colossal Trailer Music (Sub Pub Music Group) Composer and Vocalist: Claudie Mackula Track: Follow Your Path Album: Submersive [CTM003] (October 31, 2014) Buy the Music on iTunes: ➔ Follow Colossal on Facebook: ➔ Claudie Mackula YouTube: ➢ ___ Images: Tom Lowe [TimeScapes] Buy the film: Facebook: ___ Info: I'm not the owner or creator of this music or images. All rights belong to the owners. This video is fan made for entertainment purpose. Please don't ask me for permissions: I can't give permission to use music or images because I do not own it. Please do not ask for downloads: I do not offer downloads for anything. Primary image sources: ,
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